My work with parents has two main focuses – first, as clients in coaching or consulting, who are seeking to improve their own lives, and have that strength benefit their children. Secondly – as a long history of supporting parents in raising their children skillfully through sexual maturity.

As a sexuality educator, I have been meeting with groups of parents, in anticipation of teaching their children, for many years. Interest and demand increased to the point that I was compelled to create a seminar, “Raising Sexually Healthy Children”. This, I have hosted three times, in local community college and health centers in Bellingham, Washington. For the experience, I created a 23-page workbook, that I now have available online for purchase.

Before Parent Sex Education Nights, my early work with parents was supporting the intensely personal experience of preparing to welcome a new baby. The transition to new parenthood was my introduction to human service work, as a doula in my twenties. I reveled in supporting both mothers and fathers with presence, preparation and resources.

For the past ten years, I have also supported parents in sending their children off to a puberty rite of passage, and celebratory welcoming of the new life phase to come. In this, many of the same skills and experiences came into play, as these relationships are ever-shifting, even while the love remains the same.

Parents may choose to enroll in One Season of Positive Change or Her Guide, Your Success as a private coaching experience, and elect to focus on healthy sexual maturity for their children as a goal. I also have created a group coaching experience, Raising Sexually Healthy Kids, specifically for parents starting in January 2019.

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New clients can also consider an 80-minute Happening Right Now Session to get started.


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