Every so often, I open up my practice to welcome clients who just want to talk about what’s happening right now in their lives. This is a great way to get clarity and strength in something that’s come up, while learning if you want to consider a longer program or package.

Happening Right Now Sessions are currently available until December 31, 2018.

For $100 we can spend 80 minutes going over any pressing topic in your life right now. 

This is a mid-level step for you to get clarity and support in the most important thing on your mind and in your heart now. Possibilities include:

  • this thing my partner and I keep fighting about
  • why do I keep getting this one song stuck in my head
  • I’m having a recurring dream and wonder what it’s trying to tell me
  • I keep reaching this edge when I’m dating, where I get scared and back away
  • There’s something that’s been bothering me about my sex life and I just want to vent
  • I’m thinking of taking this big, next step in my business – but every day, I just don’t do it
  • My child has been blowing up at me over everything lately, and I’m not handling it very well

I offer this opportunity because I know what a big step it is to invest in Professional Coaching. I especially appreciate the courage it takes to hire a Professional Coach in love, sexuality and human connections. There is tenderness and vulnerability here. How do you know if you’ll feel safe, free and empowered?

Maybe you wonder if you can really tell in 20 minutes whether you want to open up to this person about your intimate, inner life.

Maybe you have natural fears of embarrassment, wondering if you’ll be judged, or feel unsure of whether this format is even a fit. 

Maybe you’re really tempted to go for one of these larger programs, but you’re worried you won’t have good rapport once you get started and make the initial investment.

Maybe you have just this one thing, that only needs a focused, non-judgmental space to air out and clear…

Well, let’s start right where you are!

This is a one-time investment, with zero risk.  You decide what happens next.  At its core, it’s a chance to get some relief about something that’s been bothering you. If you want to continue after the session, that’s wonderful. If not, that’s great too. It’s your life and you need to make the choice that best supports you.


These are video conferences by default. But if a phone call is more supportive for you, just choose that option.

You’ll likely be glad you gave it a try and made an informed decision.  I look forward to supporting you!

Schedule a Happening Right Now Session: https://loveandtruthrising-scheduler.as.me/