I see clients of all ages – including youth with an adult sponsor – and genders, who are ready to make significant positive change in their lives. The topic/s may be personal, interpersonal, professional (as in those pursuing a new business venture), social, emotional or even spiritual – and goals may be short-term or long-ranging.

As a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), I work as your devoted personal growth ally to help bring you where you want to be. I have successfully completed a 10-month intensive training program through the Relationship Coaching Institute, and am pursuing Master Certified Coach credentialing through the International Coach Federation (ICF). 

My specialties are intimacy, sexuality, relationships, parenting, empowerment as well as starting over and the entrepreneurial path.

I understand that health is a wide-reaching experience that touches many aspects of our lives. As a Professional Coach, I do not diagnose or treat mental illness. Instead, we will focus on your strengths in many areas and build on positive momentum you have now to move bravely forward.

My Guiding Principles include:

Integrity – speaking truth and living by a consistency of thought, emotion, word and action in line with one’s highest values

Confidentiality – holding absolutely sacred the trust one gives and the information they share

Optimism – believing anything is possible and insisting on reaching past previous limitations

Self-Awareness & Self-Love – honoring our first relationship through ongoing discovery, so that all other great relationships are possible

Personal Responsibility – the foundation of empowerment, owning what is ours and therefore knowing where our agency lies

Healthy Boundaries – inversely, knowing what is not ours and how to set healthy limits

Inspiration – understanding how a connection to something greater fuels our life purpose and energizes our whole world

Loving Relationships as Priority – the wisdom that structures our life and time around love as a primary force and celebrated privilege of being human


Sessions are scheduled at a client’s convenience, three weeks in advance, over the course of two to four months. Most coaching packages will renew with agreement by Coach & Client. All coaching relationships begin with Intake & Discovery paperwork, along with an official agreement.

A Free 20-minute call is always available to new clients, to discuss goals and address any questions. It is important to me that we are a great fit for working together.

Adults who are interested in a Free One-Hour session, may consider being interviewed (ongoing during 2018) for my book about sexual maturity in America. Interviewees must be ages 25-60, and have been raised primarily in the United States. Please see these Guidelines for more information. Also watch for Seasonal Offerings, with occasional Free 90-minute Sessions becoming available.

We can begin with more in-depth sessions at 90 – 120 minutes if desired. Standard sessions are 60 minutes.

Please see my current Packages for more information, discounts and rates.

What is the value of investing in yourself and your relationships this way?  Visit the Impact page, to learn more…

I see clients local to Bellingham, Washington in the office Monday and Thursday mornings. I see clients remotely, from around the world, by appointment.

To schedule a Free 20 minute Call, please visit: https://loveandtruthrising-scheduler.as.me/

Want to take a smaller, yet fully meaningful step before we begin a full program? Consider a Happening Right Now Session.

I look forward to working with you!