Relationship Coaching

What is Coaching?

My understanding and approach to coaching is this:  I am your personal growth ally, with guidance that stops short of pathologizing, and helps move you forward. 

I am currently enrolled in a ten-month Professional Coach Certification program through the Relationship Coaching Institute. Following completion, I will be pursuing credentialing through the International Coach Federation, the highest standard for endorsement of professional coaching.

Coaching is related to counseling, in that it utilizes the insights of psychology to best support a person in achieving health and success. It may integrate consulting, where I ask for permission to share relevant research or offer a teaching perspective. As a baseline, coaching is partnering with a client in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires maximum personal and professional potential.

For Relationship Coaching in 2018, I work only with individuals who are striving to improve the quality of their relationships and experience more closeness and satisfaction. This includes people who are in relationships and want to work on themselves – or people who are transitioning out of or into a relationship. So, I support people one-on-one to transform their role in personal dynamics so that all of their relationships are stronger.

I may begin welcoming couples by mid-2019.

The closer someone gets to us, the more our relationship with them mirrors our relationship with ourselves. I value the opportunity to work confidentially with clients seeking transformation on this level. Please see my coaching website or profile on Relationship Coach Finder to arrange a Free Call to see if we are a fit.