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Vanessa Osage is a Certified Sexuality Educator, Certified Professional Coach, CPC, and founder of the social enterprise Love & Truth Rising, with a mission to positively transform love, sexuality and human connections. 

Vanessa has over ten years experience in the field of sexual health, impacting positive change on the individual and cultural levels. Her training has come from Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, the Relationship Coaching Institute, Rite of Passage Journeys, university studies in Sociology, Gender & Ecology, and from her unique life experience and world view.

She has been a featured speaker and lecturer at numerous conferences, gatherings, universities and health centers around the northwest. In her role as Founder & Executive Director of the nonprofit, Rooted Emerging, she has coordinated over a dozen community events; to inspire, educate, celebrate and to revel in the journey of being human. 

In 2017, Vanessa Osage was awarded the “Kickass Single Mom" grant for her work in rites of passage and sexuality education. Her interview may be found here on the “Like a Mother” podcast, along with many other interviews here. The fruits of her labors as a program coordinator and event producer have been showcased in the Cascadia Weekly and the Bellingham Herald multiple times. 

After nearly a decade of nonprofit leadership for positive youth development, she founded a second nonprofit, The Amends Project, for institutional reform, in 2019.

Vanessa Osage just released her first book, Can't Stop the Sunrise: Adventures in Healing, Confronting Corruption & the Journey to Institutional Reform. Published by Stone & Feather Press, 2020. Visit for book buying options. Her writings have been featured in Circles on the Mountain, a Journal for Rite of Passage Guides, the Confluence Journal, Practicing Community of Youth Passageways, the Role Reboot blog, Fupping, ICF's Coaching World and more. An upcoming book about girls, sex, and parenting is set for release in March 2022.

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