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Empowerment Coaching is rooted in the belief that our greatest power lies within, and true power diminishes no one.

As a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), I work as your devoted personal growth ally to help bring you where you want to be. My specialties are intimacy, sexuality, relationships, personal empowerment, starting over and the entrepreneurial path.

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To be empowered, we first understand what is ours and what is within our control to influence. Self-mastery, as a reflection of personal integrity, is a powerful magnetic force. We also must understand that being empowered naturally encourages and gives permission to others to shine. In this, we accept that power is a personal resource to be claimed, always existing in abundance within.

When I am coaching for personal empowerment, we first locate the source of one’s power.

This is the place from which we always know what is right for ourselves. It is the place from which we speak our most powerful truths. It is a line to the source of inspiration that is unique to every person. It is a path of cultivating a high level of personal responsibility that allows us to live with greater and greater effectiveness.

Implicit in this is the belief that we are all equally afforded the same freedoms, rights, and pleasures, where we know them at the expense of none. We work with this wider concept of power. Owning our personal power is great a gift to the world.

This may look like practice in speaking up for oneself in a group setting. It may be preparing to bring a potent inner truth to a loved one. It may be articulating one’s value in the work place and negotiating for a raise or promotion. It may mean yielding to a place of personal security that allows us to hear another’s truth, for the sake of our relationship. It may mean risking a business move that is outside the norm but speaks to us, and our convictions, personally.

One of the implied goals of empowerment coaching is the benefit of improved relationships.

Studies show that being true to oneself is directly correlated with better intimacy and satisfaction in romantic relationships. This is a path of courage. This is the heart of the work.

“Truth to Empowerment” is available to adults of all ages and genders. Please email VEOConsulting.LLC@gmail.com to request a current Coaching Package Rates Sheet — or visit the Connect page to send a message through the site. All packages include mid-point assessments and personalized session notes to outline your strengths, awareness, powerful truths & action steps. Longer packages include a Narrative Overview, your story as told in this unique chapter in your life, with you as the heroine/hero of your own journey.

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