Write Your Book! Coaching Package

You’ve always wanted to write a book.
You’re a bit overwhelmed and don’t have time to even know where to begin.
You have faith in your message, your story, or your idea, but you need a professional eye for the finishing touches…


Since 2020, I’ve been on a deep-dive into the business and craft of book writing. It’s a multi-layered, complex world with all kinds of subtle nuances. It’s also highly accessible and full of potential to reach readers. I’ve published two books (including an audiobook that I narrated), with a third on the way. I’ve earned a place in The Authors Guild, where I’ve enjoyed dozens of educational webinars on Book Proposals, Query Letters, Marketing, Publicity (and how these differ) along with Book Tours and Events. I’ve also worked with storytelling performers to craft a compelling message for the stage, and reviewed writing of all kinds to help co-create a clear, powerfully written piece. I was even a newspaper reporter back in the day. I know the theory and structure of writing, and I am living the practice.

Now, I’m offering these services in a new coaching package:

  • biweekly sessions over six months (in person, by phone, or over Zoom)
  • 3 rounds of developmental edits (save one for your final draft!)
  • query letter tips, review & feedback
  • press kit guidance
  • full review of all publication options
  • author website essentials, review & feedback
  • how to secure publicity & invest in marketing
  • ongoing resources for each stage of getting your book into print!


Finishing a book is an inner test of fortitude and courage. We will go there too. Part of its beauty is the journey of triumph that allowed something of beauty to exist through you. Anticipating this brings you closer. Save time by hiring a personal book writing coach to fulfill your dreams of releasing your book! Encouragement, honest feedback, invaluable guidance, and the renewed confidence to give the gift you were always meant to give…

Vanessa Osage helped me launch my first book through her powerful words of encouragement and positivity.  She radiated a “you’ve got this, girl” attitude.  I feel so grateful to have crossed paths with this visionary and inspired woman who helped me see beyond what is, to what is possible.

Christen Mattix, author of the poetic memoir, Skein

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