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Love & Truth Rising
  operates on the belief that what we do on the micro level plays out on the macro level. Creating a physical & emotional system that lives by respect and honor contributes to creating communities that live by respect and honor. Each of the offerings here are created to be in service to these larger movements.

As a social enterprise, Love & Truth Rising grew from an early vision of a Rite of Passage to honor life transitions with support, witnessing and celebration. Please see the work of Youth Passageways for an overview of Rite of Passage organizations around the world, and the various fields in which they promote personal and collective health.

To know the direct root of this fruit’s blossoming, please see Rooted Emerging, a member of the Youth Passageways network.

As a puberty rite of passage, this has been most in alignment with Comprehensive Sexuality Education. This approach to sexual health includes understanding healthy relationships, decision-making and learning effective communication tools. Within all services and offerings here, there is an inherent understanding that sexuality happens in the context of a whole and healthy person. All services, programs and events are LGBTQIA friendly and welcoming.

Intimate Justice is a framework which examines the relationship between interpersonal satisfaction, power dynamics and the larger contexts in which we love and create intimacy. To quote the scholarly article by Sara McClelland, “Intimate justice asks researchers to methodologically consider how biographies and structural contexts move under the skin and into the bedroom, influencing how individuals think, feel, and experience their intimate lives.” These concepts have also been illuminated in the book, “Making Love, Playing Power: Men, Women and the Rewards of Intimate Justice” By Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio.

To stay in relationship, we must be able to repair any hurt, frustration or attachment wounds that may arise. Again, how we move on the personal level affects how culture and society moves on the larger scale. Truth & Reconciliation Commissions attend to wrong-doings by governments and other bodies for the sake of true repair and prevention of further harm. The spirit of this work may be traced to early work in nonviolence, by organizations such as the International Fellowship of Reconciliation which has existed for more than 100 years.  Simply put, making amends is more powerful and effective long-term than any punitive measure. In this way, the mission is also in alignment with Restorative Justice.

The most recent manifestation of this work is The Amends Project, a nonprofit to mend the loophole that has allowed for the cover-up of child abuse at independent schools: implementing The Justice CORPS Initiative.

Every true and courageous act of love is a contribution to the betterment of our world. We all have a part to play.

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