Raising Sexually Healthy Kids, Family Package

Raising Sexually Healthy Kids, Family Package

For many families, working privately with a professional coach & consultant is the most effective way to co-create a plan for your childrens’ long-term health.

Raising Sexually Heathy Kids, Family Package 
is designed to give parents profound support on one of the most significant roads in the journey of parenting.

This package is based on my years of hosting “Raising Sexually Healthy Kids” Seminars in Bellingham, Washington. I have grown to understand how crucial it is for parents to get an honest look at what is happening in the world for young people, and what the research is saying about how we can best support them to thrive in it. How do we inspire positive body image? What about consent? How can we address online pornography? What can we teach our kids about healthy relationships when the world is so digital? . . . How can I give them better messages than I received about sex?

A safe space to explore these topics with perspective, empathy and feedback goes a long, long way.

Each parent and/or couple receives the 23-page “Raising Sexually Healthy Kids Workbook” (4th Edition), which I wrote over years of gathering research, and guiding families through the puberty transition. Please also see my second book, Sex Education for Girls: A Parent’s Guide, published in March 2022. Many of the exercises proved relevant at Parent Nights, in schools where I have taught, and in PTA presentations on guiding for healthy sexuality. Then, they ended up in a book with up-to-date research, guidelines, and encouragement for the road ahead.

When is the best time to begin?

According to research on comprehensive sexuality education in Europe, the benefits of a comprehensive approach extend well into adolescence, dramatically reducing the incidence of teen pregnancies, STI’s, dating violence and more. When do they begin?  Kindergarten. What marks these cultures as different from the United States?  Cultural comfort with sexuality, and an ease in addressing it.

Please enjoy this wonderful look at the Dutch way of introducing these topics to very young children, “The Case for Starting Sex Education in Kindergarten”, by PBS News Hour.

Forming a vision for how you will guide your kids – what your strongest messages will be – how you will convey your family’s unique values – is a powerful tool to have from the very beginning.

Whoever your child may be or become . . .

… we can find a way to create the best emotional environment where they’ll enjoy healthy intimate connection and, eventually, their own sexuality.

You are your child’s first sexuality educator, and the primary source of guidance in their lives. Let’s get you feeling confident and clear on how you want to do this.

Package Includes:

One (1) 90-minute Consultation to discover your family’s journey and needs

Two (2) 60-minute Coaching Sessions, to deepen the focus on supporting each of you now

“Raising Sexually Healthy Kids Workbook”, 4th Edition

Current Resources List, in addition to supplemental resources, unique for your family

Follow-up Notes, by email, summarizing the key points from sessions, to help clarify your family’s values, needs and ideal vision for raising your children.

$495 for one parent

$525 with a co-parent

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I use medical-grade HIPPA-compliant doxy.me for secure video sessions and enhanced privacy.

I support all kinds of families to grow in health, however that looks for you. All Love & Truth Rising services are LGBTQIA-friendly and welcoming.






“It dawns on me that this is good timing for doing this, as she is becoming a woman right before my eyes, and I hadn’t thought of some of the suggestions that you have given me so far. You are doing a great service for our community in teaching about healthy sex ed. You have a talent for this, and I am so grateful we are doing this now.”

– client, Raising Sexually Healthy Kids, Family Package


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