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Coaching is a dynamic collaboration, where I act as your devoted personal growth ally, in service to your highest goals.


I got into coaching and consulting because people began approaching me privately for guidance in their most meaningful challenges. Over a decade of running programs, coordinating & hosting events, speaking and teaching, I found more and more adults by my side, with trust and optimism in their eyes. “Would I meet with them to talk about these things?”   I always said yes.  So, my business structure and training have caught up with the encounters I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy, with people of all kinds.

I bring a practice of deeply and clearly seeing my clients and their situation, to find an opening for growth together. Coaching creates awareness, empowers you to tap into their innate strength, provides accountability and energizes you to achieve your goals.

Consulting is the sharing of relevant information that aligns with and supports a client’s highest goals.


This is where my decade of experience in sexual health brings focus and definition to my niche as a Professional Coach in love, sexuality & human connections. I draw on the expertise of my work as a Comprehensive Sexuality Educator to ages 4 & up, a Coming of Age Mentor and Founder/Executive Director of a nonprofit for puberty rites of passage and advocate for Social Justice. My lived experience as an entrepreneur and young woman leader also informs my work with people striving for a healthier experience of gender, power and personal/interpersonal effectiveness. Empowerment is the journey, and love is the reward.

Simply put, I help people love better by living their truth.


I am a member of the International Coach Federation and abide by their Code of Ethics, Bylaws and Professional Standards.

To better understand the Coaching modality, you may like to view these Core Competencies as taught and evaluated by my professor at the Relationship Coaching Institute, an ICF-approved program.

I meet all of the ICF Professional Standards criteria, in addition to my own personal & Professional Guiding Principles:
* Integrity – speaking truth and living by a consistency of thought, emotion, word and action in line with one’s highest values
* Confidentiality – holding absolutely sacred the trust one gives and the information shared
* Optimism – believing anything is possible and insisting on reaching past previous limitations
* Self-Awareness & Self-Love – honoring our primary relationship through ongoing discovery, so that all other great relationships are possible
* Personal Responsibility – the foundation of empowerment, owning what is ours and therefore knowing where our agency lies
* Healthy Boundaries – inversely, knowing what is not ours, and how to set healthy limits
* Inspiration – understanding how a connection to something greater fuels our life purpose and energizes our whole world
* Loving Relationships as Priority – the wisdom that structures our life and time around love as a primary force and celebrated privilege of being human
My work is body-positive, sex-positive and inclusive. All services are LGBTQ+ friendly and welcoming.


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How does Coaching help improve someone’s experience of love & sexuality?  Please watch this video, with powerful statistics, to learn more.



I am trained as a Certified Sexuality Educator through Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, Boston.


I’ve had the joy and honor of working with people of all genders, ages 4 – 90. My educational philosophy is most in line with that of Comprehensive Sexuality Education, which is evidence-based information that integrates lessons about forming healthy relationships. Please enjoy this wonderful article, by PBS, on the Benefits of Starting Sex Ed in Kindergarten. Most encouraging are the statistics on positive outcomes over time, as seen in this data from Advocates for Youth.



I am a member of the Seattle chapter of Ellevate Professional Women’s Network, a global network that is intentional about changing the statistics on women in business, and doing the work to make it happen.

Here, I benefit from consultation with professional women from around the world, learning and lifting one another up, together.


I am also proud to be a founding member of The Change Makers Alliance, based in my hometown of Bellingham, Washington. Look for more information in the coming months!


As a Certified Professional Coach, I do not treat or diagnose mental illness. I am grateful to be part of a local Sexual Health Advocates Group (SHAG), where I collaborate and network with professionals in various fields related to sexual health. These include physical therapists, counselors, social workers, homeopaths, urologists and more. I am happy to make a referral when a client’s needs would be better suited in a different modality.


Can I give one session a try before I invest in a larger package?


Yes, I offer a trial “Happening Right Now” Session to new clients, to experience 80 minutes of coaching on one set topic. Packages then range from just three sessions up to four months of sessions. Please see the Services tab above for details on current offerings.

All new clients may enjoy a Free 20-Minute Call to have their questions answered, and get a feel for whether we might be a fit to work together.


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What are the benefits of working with a coach in love, sexuality & human connections?


Please see the Impact page to hear from clients who have enjoyed this kind of coaching…


To learn more about my writing and work in activism for positive social change, please visit Vanessa Osage Author Website, for interviews, articles, and more.

You may also enjoy reading Vanessa’s Story (from the Purpose tab), to see the quality of work I have achieved over the last decade through the nonprofit Rooted Emerging and other professional edeavors.


In-Person or Online?

I see clients in the office in Bellingham, Washington on Mondays & Thursdays. I see clients at other locations, and from around the world, by appointment.

I use a secure, HIPPA-compliant video software called to see clients remotely. Because Confidentiality is one of my highest principles, I have researched to find the most secure platform (which does not sync with Google services) to meet with clients online. This is medical-grade video conferencing that meets the strictest standards for protection of privacy.



I like to settle in to truly seeing a client at their essential strength and inner beauty. My clients are radiant to me, even as they struggle. Once I have this sight, we begin to hone in on their deepest truths. Then, we collaborate to identify all the ways we can bring this truth forward into their lives.

Most importantly, helping clients find the courage to bring their deepest truths to those they love is a passion.

I also watch for ways in which clients come alive or dim down. When the aliveness is present, we move forward from there. It requires a combination of gentleness, patience, vision, insistence, en-courage-ment, lifting up and seeing openings together.

I believe in accountability and lifting people to their highest selves through mutual truth-telling. I call on validation, reflection, inspiration and giving the gift of my sight of them in their absolute radiance.

I also offer optional Session Notes to clients, to recap and organize progress made. I include strengths, awareness, powerful truths and action steps in a written reflection.


Here are the basics on Getting Started in Five Easy Steps


Feel free to contact me by email or by using the form below.  I look forward to knowing you!



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