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Sometimes, when corruption is everywhere you turn, and the work of transformation leaves you weary . . .
Humor Heals.


A feature article in Coaching World, of the International Coach Federation (ICF), published September 19, 2019




I was just featured (May 2019) as a contributor to a Fupping article on emotional health. See if you can guess which book I suggested (my clients have a good chance of hearing about this one from me). Here’s to the emotional health revolution!



Another gem from the archives: The theme was  “Liminal Spaces & Altered States”, from The Confluence Journal, Winter 2017.

Dancing All Three


The prompt was “The benefits of a period party”. I know it as a Red Party. The lifeblood of humanity – as represented in the female body – deserves to be celebrated!



An oldie, but a goodie. Here is my first published piece in print. “Ascending, On Mentor a Mentor”, from the 2016 Circles on the Mountain “Wild Card” Issue, #22. Scroll the page 57 to read my philosophy on what it means to fill this role for anyone in our lives.


Ok, who wonders about the nature of language and how that shapes culture? Ever given serious thought to the way we use curse words? Only proceed if you are ready to question the way we talk about sex, and giggle at some adult-language-words. Enjoy.

Featured December 17, 2018 on the Role Reboot blog: http://rolereboot.org/sex-and-relationships/details/2018-12-get-the-f-out-of-sex/

Or, in full here: 


What was that storm that blew through the American (worldwide?) consciousness this late summer? A woman was compelled to share a very relevant truth and hold someone accountable. It had never been done to that extent, and with such consequences. It was a high moment in a rallying cry for far better encounters in the sexual realm. It turned out rather oddly… But what did it all mean?  My spoken word piece:


Have a listen to my conversation with Emma Johnson at WealthySingleMommy.com on the Like a Mother Podcast. Emma gives away $1,000 of her own dollars every month to single moms doing amazing things. I was selected for November 2017 as the “Kickass Single Mom” grant recipient.

How did I get into this work? What is a rite of passage? Who was my inspiration?  Hear my very first recorded conversation online. 


So, how do we begin talking to kids about sexuality?  What are some guidelines, parameters… give me context, please!

A piece I wrote for the Youth Passageways Network blog, called Speaking Reverence, Speaking Truth. Written for rite of passage guides, but relevant to anyone who cares for and oversees young people (and longs for more comfort in addressing sexuality).  Enjoy!