Relationship Coaching attends to the ways we co-create a unique presence in the world through our connections. It is a way to enhance our contribution to the social world, whether among friends, family or lovers. 

As a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), I work as your devoted personal growth ally to help bring you where you want to be. I have successfully completed a 10-month intensive training program through the Relationship Coaching Institute, and am pursuing Master Certified Coach credentialing through the International Coach Federation (ICF). 

I chose the Relationship Coaching Institute because, for over a decade, people have been approaching me to have a safe space for improving their most important relationships. My specialties are love, sexuality, human connections, parenting and becoming our most alive and empowered selves.

An important Guiding Principle in all of my work is Self-Love & Discovery, honoring our primary relationship through ongoing discovery, so that all other great relationships are possible.

I have ten years experience in the field of sexual health, with an academic focus on gender & ecology, and training as a Certified Sexuality Educator through Planned Parenthood. So, all of these elements are comfortably welcomed in Relationship Coaching. I have worked with youth as students and mentees, young adults, women & men in their 30’s, adults of middle and elder age.

All members of the LGBTQIA community are absolutely welcome.

I have come to believe, through this practice, that the closer someone gets to us, the more our relationship with them mirrors our relationship with ourselves. So, I acknowledge the enduring quality of relationships from ourselves outward to every kind of connection.

As a Professional Coach, I see individual clients who are working to improve themselves within their relationships. So, I love working with people who live with self-awareness and strive for positive change in themselves and beyond. My practice with couples is limited to occasional co-parenting sessions to support raising sexually healthy kids. I anticipate welcoming couples to my coaching practice by late 2019.


In my twenties, I worked as a Professional Childbirth Assistant, or doula, (DONA). So, my early roots in human service work are in the important shifts that happen within families. I continue to value working with clients to support parenting, and especially those who want to model healthy intimacy for their children.

I have special expertise in sexual maturity, the puberty transition, and a healthy welcoming of sexuality in individuals, families and culture. Clients who are experiencing a rite of passage of any kind – a life change that is bringing forth a whole new aspect of themselves – are highly valued in my practice.

Most of all, I enjoy working with people of all ages, genders & orientations who are committed to honoring themselves, speaking their truth and improving the world by improving themselves. Love & Truth Rising operates on the belief that what we do on the micro level plays out on the macro level.

Every true and courageous act of love is a contribution to the betterment of our world. We all have a part to play.

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I see clients local to Bellingham, Washington in the office Monday and Thursday mornings. I see clients remotely, from around the world, by appointment.

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