Vanessa Osage has been actively transforming culture to embrace positive sexuality for over a decade.

In 2009, she created a puberty rite of passage program as a new, healthy way to meet sexual maturity. This effort soon blossomed into the nonprofit Rooted Emerging. Combining meaningful sexuality education with outdoor adventure, talking circles and an overnight solo vigil, she has guided young people and families to revere the transition as worthy of celebration.  


To raise awareness, she has coordinated over a dozen community events in Bellingham, Washington. These include an all-ages Masquerade, Giant Puppet Storytelling events, workshops on Mindfulness & The Four Shields, a Lecture Series on Rites of Passage & Love’s Fool, a celebration of the divinely imperfect journey of romantic love.   



Author Tom Robbins served as Love’s Fool Grand Jester on April Fool’s Day 2017.

Along the way, Vanessa Osage has been teaching “soulful sexuality education” to young people in small groups, homeschool, 4-H and private school settings. Having trained through Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts in 2006, she expanded her certification to create a fuller approach to guiding for sexual health. She teaches Emotional Intelligence, along with healthy communication, boundaries, staying true to oneself and honoring the body’s wisdom. Her philosophy is most in line with Comprehensive Sexuality Education, as practiced with excellent long-term outcomes in parts of Europe.     


                                              Teaching self-love and boundaries to 6-9 year old students

Following great interest in Parent Nights at private schools, Vanessa created a “Raising Sexually Healthy Kids” (now a Coaching Package for families!) seminar, which she has hosted multiple times around Bellingham, Washington. She also wrote the 23-page workbook with exercises, research and guidelines for parents, educators and professionals. In 2022, she released her second book, Sex Education for Girls: A Parent’s Guide (Rockridge Press).

From the very beginning, individuals began reaching out for private, one-on-one support in all things intimate, sexual and personally meaningful. So, in 2009, she began consulting with groups and professionals, and is now a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) with the Relationship Coaching Institute. Vanessa had been a professional childbirth assistant or doula (DONA) in her twenties, so the role of private support around sexuality and family was a natural evolution. She has worked with teens, young adults, parents, couples, men, and women of all ages and orientations.

From 2016, VEO Consulting, LLC served as a place-holder, while Vanessa researched new business models to encompass her larger vision. In 2018, she launched the social enterprise, Love & Truth Rising, with a mission is to positively transform love, sexuality & human connections.

Over twelve beautiful years, Vanessa Osage has worked to advance healthy relationships, with individuals ages 6 – 90, and on the larger cultural level. This breadth of experience enriches her work in Consulting & Coaching, Education, and Speaking Engagements.

See an early video  describing Rooted Emerging.

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