Confidence with Consent

It’s a new world for intimacy, in the #MeToo era. Men are saying they feel edgy and uncertain. How do we approach someone we are attracted to? When does “unwanted attention” cross the line to harassment? Can’t a guy hit on a woman anymore?

You want to be a great guy, and yet you’re questioning yourself now. Do you know how to read a woman’s signals? How can you do consent and still appear strong and masculine?…is this what women want?

Confidence with Consent is for men who are ready to revisit this aspect of their sexual education (formal or otherwise) and get reoriented. It’s time to update old rules and relearn the terrain. Great new experiences await.

Designed for men in heterosexual relationships – but open to all genders and orientations.

Not about ‘making men wrong’ at all – this is a prime opportunity to benefit from what I lovingly call “sexuality un-education & re-education”. Chances are, it’s not you – it’s the culture. There may have been a lot of messages… but, were any of them helpful?

We want our partners to feel safe, and we want to enjoy freely expressive sexuality. Where do we begin?

Two Months of Professional Coaching Includes:

One (1) 90 minute Discovery Session
Seven (7) 60 minute Sessions
Personalized Follow-up Notes
Latest Resources

Over the course of 8 weeks, we will move through these 4 Steps:

  1. Articulate the kinds of experiences you want to have.
  2. Clarify your role in bringing these about.
  3. Sort through messaging – discard useless, welcome new & helpful.
  4. Co-create a solid plan to now put these into practice.

This is a safe space for men of all ages to explore their own way of doing consent, and gain confidence in finding an approach that feels right. Respect & Confidentiality are my strongest principles in sexual health consulting & coaching. Enjoy encouragement, honest feedback and expert perspectives on healthy communication in sexuality. Learn the physiological benefits of different ways of advancing (body language, tone, etc.) and gain valuable insights. Ask tough questions and get answers.

Take the leap toward what you want most. Your older self will look back and thank you. (Also – imagine the conversation-starter, if you’re dating: “I just did this coaching program about consent, and really learned a lot…” What women wouldn’t be impressed?!)

Need a little insight into my philosophy and approach before we begin? Here is a spoken word piece I recorded, following the Kavanaugh hearings. I invite you to listen:

Appropriate for men who are single, dating, new to a relationship or in a partnership and want to improve their intimacy and satisfaction.

I see clients local to Bellingham, Washington in the office Monday and Thursday mornings. I see clients remotely, from around the world, by appointment.

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