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Can’t Stop the Sunrise: Adventures in Healing, Confronting Corruption & the Journey to Institutional Reform

by Vanessa Osage
Published by Stone & Feather Press, October 2020

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Confidential Interview & Free Session Agreement

Thank you for your willingness to share your experience!  In 2018, I am taking my love for positive social change, social sciences, story and transformative writing and creating a book about sexual maturity in America.  

This will be a compilation of where we have been, with regards to sexual health and education, where that has brought us, and most importantly – where we now need to go. It will likely include a unifying thread of the story of founding and directing Rooted Emerging. The idea is to see ourselves, and to also see our potential future. 

In November 2017, I was awarded the “Kickass Single Mom Grant”, part of which is earmarked for the publishing of this book. My first investment was a tiny and remarkable digital recorder…

The Interview Process 

Our interview will last just 30 minutes, and have 4-5 key questions. There will also be space to go with themes that arise as we talk. I will record the interview (with said amazing recorder – or online if remote) for later reference in note-taking. With each interview, I have stayed fully present to the conversation – and then carefully listened again, in the privacy of my home. 

I am tracking themes and motifs as they emerge. I also capture any profound insights into sexual health or signals of the arrival of manhood/womanhood that may be shared. I am logging connections, noting trends and gathering data.  You are truly not alone. 

My promises to you are these:

  • the interview space will be secure and fully confidential
  • the recording of our interview will be heard only by me, in full privacy, and only for note-taking and data collection
  • I will delete your interview within 90 days of recording
  • Identifying information will be limited to gender, age and region of upbringing (eg. whether you grew up in the midwest, south, etc.)
  • I also grant each interviewee the opportunity to review my draft before publication 
  • Subsequently, only references to one’s story that are safely within one’s comfort zone will be included in the final draft
  • Ultimately, interviewees reserve the right to help edit or have information omitted  which they have shared and finds representation in the book

The requirements for interviewees are:

  • to be an adult age 25 – 60
  • to have been raised primarily in the United States
  • to speak honestly and fully respect the process
  • to provide a current email address, so I may be in touch at the time of first draft

Free One Hour Consulting / Professional Coaching Session

I have been seeing adult clients professionally to support the journey of healthy sexuality for almost 9 years. I am also currently undergoing Professional Coach Training and Credentialing through the International Coach Federation. So, the session will take either a consulting angle or a coaching angle, depending upon the needs of the client. 

The voucher for a One Hour Professional Coaching/Consulting Session must be used within 60 days of issue. Session may be held in person in or around Bellingham, Washington, or may be arranged online www.via freeconferencecall.com (with better anonymity than Skype). Please see www.loveandtruthrising.org  for more information. 

While I am in the process of applying for credential, I will ask for permission to record the session, for review and evaluation by a Mentor Coach. You are under no obligation to agree to recording, and the session is given freely regardless. 

This voucher may also be transferred one time with pre-approval. So, if you would like to give the session as a gift to a friend, colleague, family member or romantic partner, talk with me briefly about who this person is to you, and we can make an arrangement. 

I will ask each client to come prepared with one or two core issues to address, and to complete full Intake paperwork. These forms can be scanned and sent via email in advance, or completed in person, 10 minutes prior to session. I currently see clients in the office Monday and Thursday mornings from 9 am – 1 pm. Other times and locations are available upon request. 

I aim to make this process as clear and supportive as possible. Please be in touch with any lingering questions or concerns prior to committing.


If you decide this is a truly supportive step in your life and a worthwhile investment of time and energy, I gratefully welcome you.

I verify that I meet the criteria and agree to the parameters above, to accept the Free Consulting Session in exchange for a confidential 30-minute interview.


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printed name

_____________________________________  Vanessa Osage, signed