Recovering Catholics Sacred Sexuality Group

* This offering has been placed on hold * 

Why Recovering Catholics?  Well, that’s who comes to me…  Over a twelve year practice of consulting – and now, professional coaching – a surprisingly high percentage of my clients have been those who grew up in the Catholic faith, and are reorienting their sense of healthy sexuality through this lens.

As a child, Catholicism and its culture were almost atmospheric around me. Growing up north of Boston, many of my friends and neighbors were either Irish Catholic, Italian Catholic, or some combination of many ethnicities in the church. From ages 9 – 13, I attended a parochial (Catholic) grade school near the New Hampshire border. I was educated by both lay teachers and nuns, where students attended mass together on Fridays.

While I am not a practicing Catholic (and truthfully, never adopted the faith as my own), I do understand it well. I am amazed at how many adults in my life on the west coast I can now recognize as those who were raised Catholic, at least in part.

Yes, there is a unique experience of sexuality that runs through the upbringing of Catholic religious life. Somehow, those who have grown in this belief system have been drawn to me as an adult; to find new kind of guide in claiming an experience of sexuality that is more whole, healthy and balanced.

So, I have decided to craft a program especially for you.

Do I have to consider myself a “Recovering Catholic”?

No, absolutely not. If the phrase caught your attention enough to bring you here, you are likely already a fit.

What if I am still practicing in the faith?  Will I find acceptance for my religious beliefs?

Of course, yes. This program has nothing to do with changing a person’s religious or spiritual choices. It is about understanding the unique impact of these teachings on our physical and emotional worlds – and growing toward greater health.

What if I have traumas associated with the church and/or my early experiences?

I still welcome you to benefit from this unique offering. I would ask that you simultaneously enlist the support of a licensed mental health counselor or therapist as we move through the classes and sessions. This could be a powerful experience to gain insights and a renewed strength on a deeply-engrained worldview. I trust you will enjoy new levels of self-acceptance as a result.

What will we be talking about?

  1. We start with a historical perspective on the church and human sexuality.
  2. Then, we move into a personal exploration of our own family lineages around messages about sex.
  3. From there, we start the process of sifting – what was useful? Which teachings were enlightening and enhancing and which could we now choose to leave behind?
  4. There will be a few self-forgiveness and self-acceptance exercises along the way.
  5. We will conclude with a personal redefinition of the sacred as it relates to the body and sexuality. Here, I bring a decade of research and expertise in the physiological systems that support trust, connection and interpersonal thriving. Every step is handled with empathy, compassion and the safe acceptance of all it means to be human.

All sharing is optional. Respect & Confidentiality are the highest values in my work with adults in healthy sexuality.

What if I identify as queer, gay/lesbian, bisexual, gender nonbinary or transgender?

Wonderful! I excitedly welcome you to bring your unique life experience to a safe space for discovery. I would consider your presence a gift as we explore the multi-faceted world of religion and sexual health.

What if I wasn’t raised Catholic, but I relate to a lot of the religious teachings that impact sexuality?

Let’s talk. There’s a great chance you’ll be a good fit for the group. Please select the Free 20-minute Call below.

* Registration for the Group Program has closed. To talk about the possibility of private sessions, please schedule a Free Call to see if we might be a fit *

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When do we begin?!

Thursday April 11, 2019
6-7:30 pm
Tending Moon Center
Bellingham, WA

Eight (8) group sessions, Thursday evenings from April 11 – May 30, 2019

Each client also receives two (2) private sessions in addition to group class times.

Group will be limited to six participants. Register ASAP. Final Deadline is Wednesday April 10, 2019, a Spring Special, 15% Discount, is available with registration by March 31, 2019.

Initial Private Session is 90 minutes, and scheduled at a client’s convenience at registration. Follow-up 60 minute Session may be held during the eight weeks, or within 1 month of conclusion.

Open to all genders & orientations, ages 18 & up.

* With enough interest in remote locations, an online group may be hosted as well. Please email for more information.

Want to enjoy a little laughter & reverie, in a low-commitment setting first?!  Please join us for “Deliver Us . . . Into Healing Laughter!”  Saturday March 30, 2019 at Brandywine Kitchen in Bellingham, WA, 6 – 7:30 pm. More information here:  Deliver Us – to Healing Laughter.

Find a new place, at home in your body, among the divine . . .

* Registration for the Group Program has closed. To talk about the possibility of private sessions, please schedule a Free Call to see if we might be a fit *

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