Refund & Cancellation Policy

Refund & Cancellation Policy


Payments may be refunded, 14 days following a written request (no more than 30 days), less a 10% service fee. All refunds will be pro-rated for yet unused services at the Coach’s current hourly rate.

To receive a full refund for unused services, a client must participate in a free 20-minute call, by phone or video conferencing, to discuss the reasons for cancellation and to arrange for any necessary details. Where appropriate, the Coach may issue a voucher for other related services at an equal rate.

During the 14-day waiting period, the Coach may ask the client to review a series of questions to help the client clarify their needs and long-term goals.

Sexual health consulting and coaching is highly personal work, that requires a courageous first step forward. Over ten years of working in sexual health, with clients and students of all ages, I have witnessed the very natural dance toward the excitement of seeking renewed clarity in love, intimacy and sexuality – met by the occasional step away, from the panic of feeling too exposed or uncertain.

As a Professional Coach, I want to work with you through this phase of uncertainty to ensure you get the results you most deeply need and desire in your relationships.

Of course, if a client ultimately decides that a cancellation and/or refund is in their best interest, I will gladly issue a refund for unused services, according to the criteria above.