Speaking & Presentations

A moment of honesty and encouragement, humbly offered while we are gathered together, can absolutely move people toward greater health and effectiveness.

Any combination of story, insights and research can fill a presentation or speech. The mood can be thoughtful, earnest, inspired, edgy, funny or delightful. There are many emotional angles from which to approach these topics.

I thoroughly enjoy working with and speaking to adult groups about love, sexuality & healthy relationships.


Public Speaking & Presentations are available to small groups, where questions and discussion are encouraged – or, to hundreds of people from stage.

Please visit the Education page, for more on my work with youth and parents in sexuality education.

I have been a visiting speaker & presenter at Conferences, Regional Gatherings, Health & Wellness Series, numerous private schools, University classrooms and diverse groups around the northwest.

I got my start in public speaking, to sexual health and youth empowerment, at a private school in my early 20’s. Throughout my 30’s, I often addressed crowds at events hosted by the nonprofit Rooted Emerging. Along the way, my speaking to larger and larger groups of adults – at Parent Nights, and soon, the “Raising Sexually Healthy Kids” seminar – has grown into an experience I truly cherish.

I value the opportunity to reach many people on something so important to all of our wellbeing. Here are a few testimonials for my presentations:

“Vanessa was a professional speaker at our clinic’s Pelvic Health and Wellness Series. She commands an audience, holds their attention and engages them individually in a compassionate and empowering manner. We would love to have her back in the future.”

Dr. KJ Casperson, Urologist
Owner of Pacific Urology Specialists

~ ~ ~

“Vanessa did a training for 11 staff members at my school, Loving Space preschool and kindergarten. She made the content specific to the 3-6 year old children we work with and our individual questions and concerns. The class was thoughtful and led with such empathy and understanding for the depth of emotion and history that comes up with this topic. Vanessa gave us great resources to use and share with parents. She brought out her puppets as visual aids, and a bit of comic relief, and left us all with specific language we have already put to use with our students. I feel lucky to have Vanessa as a new resource and look forward to working with her again soon.”

Abby Franklin,
Owner of Loving Space School

~ ~ ~

“She’s passionate, she’s informed, she connects!”

– lecture participant


Topics of Expertise can include:

The Physiology of Connection & Trust
Sexuality as Life Force & Creativity
The Four Shields of Sexuality (an intergenerational approach)
Puberty Rites of Passage in Adolescent Development
Enhancing Communication about Sexuality (for partners)
Parenting for Sexual Health
Loving Our Cycles (menstruation)
Addressing/Responding to Online Pornography (for parents)
New Ground in Consent
Systems that Protect the Rights & Wellbeing of Students
Restorative Healing
Body Awareness & Emotional Intelligence
… and more

I am willing to travel regionally, around the Pacific Northwest, or nationally when expenses are covered. I find great joy in reaching people far and wide to positively transform their experience of love, sexuality & human connections through speaking.

To hear a sampling of conversations on multiple podcasts, visit Vanessa Osage author website

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For questions, email  VEOConsulting.LLC@gmail.com