“Vanessa worked a miracle in my family. With her guidance, I was able to see and create a whole new vision for my relationship with my daughter that included communication skills and age-appropriate books… Vanessa was also able to expand and enrich that vision with her expertise in other cultures and rituals. These elements were powerful and touched my soul – this was what my original vision was missing, and what I ultimately needed the most.

… Since then, my daughter has come to me to talk about issues I know she had been keeping inside. She says things like, “my friend shared that she has never had a girl talk like we do with her mom.”  I know that because Vanessa came alongside her and saw her wholeness, she was able to see me in a new light – she finally believed in how hard I was trying to connect with her.

The value of my meetings with Vanessa Osage cannot be overstated. She changed everything.”

 – joint Consulting & Mentoring clients